Title Insurance Calculator

Use this Minnesota Title Insurance Calculator to find your estimated fees

Our Minnesota Title Insurance calculator will help you determine your estimated costs when considering title insurance. Simply complete the information below for an estimate. Our title insurance calculator is not applicable when the loan amount exceeds the purchase price. Please contact your Twin City Title Agent for an accurate title insurance quote for this scenario. 


Get an estimate of the fees associated with your Minnesota title insurance and closing transaction by filling out the form below.

Minnesota Title Insurance FAQs

Real estate transactions are a big deal and Twin City Title is here to help lenders, real estate professionals and home owners with their title insurance needs.  While title insurance is our business, we realize you may have some questions when it comes to understanding title insurance.  We're here to help.  


Title Insurance general faqs

Regardless of your role in the real estate process, there's a lot to know about title insurance before closing. Learn more about title insurance and answer your questions like "why do I need title insurance?" and "how does it work?"  


lender title insurance faqs

As a Minnesota lender, you want to insure your investment. That's why it's important for you to understand the details about your lenders title policy. Get your questions about lender's title insurance answered


owner's title insurance faqs

Whether you are a real estate professional or a home owner in the middle of the purchasing process, you want understand your needs for title insurance.  Find out more about how your owner's title insurance works.